Tax Return and Deduction Checklist For Factory Worker

Tax Return and Deduction Checklist For Factory Worker

Factory work is demanding. It requires long hours, dedication, and often, physical exertion. You put in the effort, so shouldn’t you get the most out of your earnings?

Many factory workers unknowingly miss out on claiming a significant portion of their tax deductions each year. This can mean hundreds of dollars left on the table!

You can either rely on experts like KPG Taxation or try to follow the checklist. 

This checklist is here to help you understand your entitlements and claim the deductions you deserve.

Importance Of Income Statement

Before diving into deductions, ensure you have your income statement from your employer, outlining your earnings for the financial year. Your employer typically lodges this directly with the ATO, but it’s essential to review it for accuracy.

Claimable Deductions for Factory Workers

Factory workers have a range of deductible expenses that can significantly impact their tax refund. Here’s a breakdown of common deductions you should be aware of:

Deduction Type

Eligible Expenses

Car Expenses

Travel between job sites or different work locations

Work Clothing and Gear

Uniforms, protective equipment, cleaning, and repair costs

Licences and Certificates

Renewal fees for work-related licences or certificates

Overtime Meals

Meal expenses during overtime work


Courses, training, and seminars relevant to your job

Subscriptions and Memberships

Professional association fees, industry-related subscriptions

Tools and Equipment

Purchase, lease, or repair of job-specific tools and equipment

First Aid Training

Costs associated with first aid training courses

Phone and Internet Expenses

Work-related usage on personal devices

Now let’s have an in-depth breakdown of the claimable deductions. 
  1. Car Expenses: This includes any money spent on travelling between different job sites or work locations. For example, if you need to drive from one factory to another during the same workday, the costs associated with that travel may be deductible.
  2. Work Clothing and Gear: Expenses related to uniforms, protective equipment, and the cleaning and repair of these items are eligible for deduction. If your job requires you to wear specific clothing or gear, or if you need to maintain and repair these items, you may be able to claim these costs on your tax return.
  3. Licences and Certificates: Renewal fees for any licence or certificates required for your job can be claimed as deductions. This could include renewing your forklift licence or any other certifications necessary for your role as a factory worker.
  4. Overtime Meals: If you’re paid an allowance for meals when working overtime, you may be able to claim these expenses. This could cover the cost of meals purchased during extended work hours or while on overnight shifts.
  5. Self-Education: Costs associated with courses, training, or seminars directly related to your job are eligible for deduction. If you need to undertake any educational activities to improve your skills or knowledge in your role as a factory worker, these expenses may be deductible.
  6. Subscriptions and Memberships: Fees for professional associations or industry-related subscriptions can be claimed as deductions. If you’re a member of any relevant professional organisations or subscribe to publications related to your field of work, these costs may be eligible for deduction.
  7. Tools and Equipment: Expenses for purchasing, leasing, or repairing job-specific tools and equipment can be claimed. If you need to buy or maintain any tools or equipment necessary for your work as a factory worker, these costs may be deductible.
  8. First Aid Training: Costs associated with undertaking first aid training courses can be claimed as deductions. If your job requires you to have first aid skills and you need to complete training courses to meet these requirements, these expenses may be eligible for deduction.
  9. Phone and Internet Expenses: Costs related to work-related usage on personal devices, such as phones or internet connections, can be claimed. If you use your personal phone or internet for work purposes, a portion of the expenses incurred may be deductible.
By understanding these different types of deductions, factory workers can ensure they’re maximising their tax refund and keeping more of their hard-earned money.  

What You Cannot Claim?

  • Regular clothing worn to work that can also be worn outside of work, even if purchased specifically for work.
  • Personal expenses like meals or snacks consumed during the course of a normal workday, even with an allowance from your employer.
  • Costs incurred when travelling between your home and your workplace, even if you live a long distance away.


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