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No Tax Deductions For Non-compliant Payments

In the recently released draft legislation by the government, businesses will not be any longer allowed to claim the deduction for payments to employees whenever they have not met the Pay As You Go (PAYG) obligations. This deduction applies on certain payments including, payment of wages and payment to a contractor where an employer is

Rideshare Tax Information For Australian Drivers

In Australia, the rideshare partners carrying on an enterprise or Uber are liable for a GST registration and income tax on their earnings as per the recommendation of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). When you drive for Uber, you are considered a contractor rather than an employee. This makes it important for you to manage

Tax Return Information for International Students in Australia

Are you an international student in Australia or looking to migrate for studies soon? If yes, then it is important to know about titbit of Australian Taxation System. Any international student, living in Australia from the past 6 months or more, are obliged to lodge their tax return as they become resident for tax purposes

How a Tax Consultant Can Help You?

With the nose-dived economic conditions and the rock-bottomed Global markets; the need for getting help with taxes is indispensable. If you are unaware of Tax consultants, here is who they are: A tax consultant, commonly referred as the tax advisor is a person trained in Law who will be assisting the businesses and individuals to