Six Key Points To Consider When Hiring Bookkeepers For Business

Hiring a bookkeeper can be tough because it is assessing the credentials of the job seeker at a glance. The field is quite a niche and requires special expertise to get through the requirements in any business. It is hence advisable to refer to the following 10 key points that need to be considered before hiring a bookkeeper for the business.

1. Registration and Qualification
According to the stipulations under The Tax Agent Services Act 2009 (TASA2009), anyone providing bookkeeping services needs to be a registered BAS agent. Before hiring a bookkeeper, ask if they have their BAS registration or at least be qualified enough with a Certificate IV in Financial Services. It is preferable to hire a professional who is associated with bookkeeping associations in the country including The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB).

2. Verify Portfolio
References may not be always reliable, but worth the effort in verifying one’s work along with a portfolio. Past projects can give insight into the ability of the bookkeeper. Also, online profiles and websites can even offer independent reviews of the services provided by the bookkeeper.

3. Delivery & Response Time
A common complaint has been the delivery times of many bookkeepers who are quite slow to respond to emails and usually fail to deliver on schedule. Relay your expectations about the expected response times so that the intended delivery is on time.

4. Tools & Software
It is evident that every bookkeeper needs to be well versed with computers as everything has become automated. One should know the basics of bookkeeping tools and software including Word, Excel, e-mails, and the web.

5. Familiarity with industry
If the bookkeeper is unfamiliar with your industry, there is a definite learning curve involved. One should ask about other clients in your industry and even ask about problems affecting bookkeeping related to your industry and the process of resolving them.

6. Pricing
One should know about the charges of bookkeeping beforehand, whether the pricing will be for a fixed monthly fee or on an hourly basis. Nowadays some bookkeepers charge a fixed rate. Make sure what is included in the fixed-rate and what is not.

The afore-mentioned 6 key points are crucial in hiring a bookkeeper for your business. Adhere to them, and you will be able to land an efficient and experienced bookkeeper for your needs.

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