How to claim Uniform and Laundry expense deductions?

Did you know you can claim a Tax deduction for the cost of purchasing and maintaining certain types of clothing, uniforms, and any footwear related to your employment?

You can claim Uniform expenses and laundry expenses in the following category

  1. Claiming Uniform Expenses
  2. Claiming Occupation Specific Clothing
  3. Claiming Protective Clothing
  4. Claiming Non-compulsory work uniform
  5. Laundry expenses claim
  6. Claims for sunhats, sunscreen, and sunglasses

Kindly note that you can’t claim a Tax deduction for clothes simply because you wear them for work. For example, you can’t claim the tax deduction for the cost of buying and maintaining an office suite under category 1. Clothing can only be called a uniform if it has an employer’s logo on it.

Similarly, Bartender’s black trousers and white shirt, or a suit are not specific to your occupation and do not qualify for Tax deduction under category 2.

In category 4, a Non-compulsory work uniform does not include shoes, socks, and stockings or a single item such as a jumper.

You can claim up to $150 of laundry expenses under category 5 without obtaining written evidence.

You can only claim under category six if there is a direct connection between private and work-related clothing.

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