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Tax Accountant Newtown

Leading Accounting & Taxation Firm in Newtown, NSW

Lodging income tax returns has always been challenging, and the taxation world is becoming more complicated day by day. So, how do you file your income tax returns? There are little chances that you can lodge your tax returns on your own, that too efficiently and accurately.
What’s the solution, then? KPG Taxation – a one-stop solution for all your taxation and financial management requirements. You heard it right; our firm can help you file taxes, lodge BAS/GST in Newtown, manage payroll, bookkeeping, SMSF, negative gearing, and much more.
Without further ado, let’s take a deep dive to determine how our experts can help individuals or businesses with their finances.

KPG Taxation – Improving Your Financial Confidence

Making a suitable investment requires legwork, market research, and financial education. We all think that way, but there is one thing we need to remember that is you need financial confidence with knowledge about Australian taxes to improve your financial fitness. So, where will you get that confidence?

Our tax accountants in Newtown can bolster your confidence.

With professionals by your side, you can stay confident about your accounting procedures and achieve financial success quickly. We will help you identify the potential risks of an investment and its pros and cons. Then, you can evaluate if investing your hard-earned money is worth it or not.

You should only invest your fortune if the pros outweigh the cons!

Leading Taxation Firm Offering A Plethora Of Accounting Services

KPG Taxation is one of the leading taxation firms in Newtown that takes pride in simplifying the finances of individuals to entrepreneurs and smaller firms to bigger corporates. We are a team of professionals with substantial experience and an in-depth understanding of the accounting and taxation world. Our expertise lies within the following: –

Income Tax Return

Filing income tax returns on behalf of our clients faster and more efficiently.


Managing ongoing transactions, accounts, and other financial records.

Payroll Setup

Setup and management of payroll, helping you ensure ultimate satisfaction and better employee performance.

Company Setup

Helping you register, set up your company, and plan and forecast the expenses you’ll incur initially.

Liaising Services

Preparing the required statements and reports for your company and liaising with the tax office, ASIC, State Revenue Office, and banks & external bodies.

The list of services we offer our clients is pretty long; get in touch to know what we can help you with. Let us know your concern, queries, and problem; your solution will be in front of you within minutes!

You Focus on the Vitals; We’ll Take Care of Your Accounts!

Operating a business efficiently and successfully is only possible when you follow the right strategy, focus on the vitals, and improve wherever required. But if you try to handle all your business on your own, i.e., finances, you won’t get enough time to think about the growth of your business. So, if you want to grow, grow, and grow, let us handle your accounts, guide you right, and help you free some of your precious time.
We at KPG Taxation offer quality accounting and taxation services to small, mid-tier, and large businesses. Our services include: –
We aim to make businesses successful in their respective fields, leveraging our skills, knowledge, and understanding of the complex taxation and accounting world. If you are willing to touch the sky, contact our experts for business advisory, taxation, and accounting.

Work with Experts to Excel at Your Finances

Being naive with zero knowledge about taxation increases the possibility of financial losses or even getting duped. Efficient account handling is a thing that not everyone can do; that’s why professionals like exist in this world. You can work with the expert tax accountants in Newtown and become a pro in your business!
But you might be wondering why you choose KPG Taxation among all for handling your finances and if they can help you find your path toward financial success. Go through the below-mentioned points to determine why we are identified as the best taxation firm in Newtown.
Whether it’s your first time filing your taxes or you’re willing to hand over your taxation and accounting to a tax agent in Newtown, KPG Taxation will surely suit your needs.
Contact us today to efficiently manage your business, taxation, and accounting!

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KPG Taxation is one of the leading taxation firms in Newtown that takes pride in simplifying the finances of individuals and helping them achieve financial success easily. The firm provides its clients with a wide array of services, including bookkeeping, payroll setup, company setup, and many more.

At KPG Taxation, we are committed to providing adequate financial strategies to individuals that help them achieve financial success. We offer a wide number of services to our beloved clients that include bookkeeping, payroll setup, income tax returns, company setup, SMSFs management, etc. Contact us to learn more about our services.

Determining taxation income while being blank about the taxation laws could be difficult. You can contact the best tax specialists in Newtown, KPG Taxation, to help you determine taxation income.

One of the best ways to maximise income tax returns is to claim all the eligible tax deductions at tax time, but you will need evidence or proof of expenses for certain items. Contact our tax specialists to determine if any expense is deductible if you are unsure.

We at KPG Taxation offer high-quality bookkeeping services to our beloved clients. Our bookkeeping services include management of financial transactions, preparation and lodgement of BAS statements, creation of monthly and weekly bookkeeping records, etc.

Hiring a tax return accountant in Newtown is worth every penny. By employing a tax specialist, you can reduce the risk of an audit, file your taxes efficiently and faster, avoid penalties that authorities may impose on you due to inaccurate reports of income, and achieve financial success.

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