Office Worker Tax-Saving Tips for 2021

The motor vehicle is generally deductible if you need to travel for work though unfortunately, home to office is not – not even for ATO employees. Work-related travel that you pay for to conferences, training or courses, etc. can also be claimed including accommodation and sometimes meals. Work-related clothing is deductible if you need to […]

Know Everything About The Covid-19 Land Tax Relief Boost For Landlords And Tenants

As our Nation and States continue to battle the coronavirus pandemic and navigate our way through what seems to be a constantly changing landscape, our community are looking towards our government for direction and assistance. Under the State Government scheme, eligible landlords now can receive up to a 50% reduction on their 2019-20 land tax […]

How to claim Uniform and Laundry expense deductions?

Did you know you can claim a Tax deduction for the cost of purchasing and maintaining certain types of clothing, uniforms, and any footwear related to your employment? You can claim Uniform expenses and laundry expenses in the following category Claiming Uniform Expenses Claiming Occupation Specific Clothing Claiming Protective Clothing Claiming Non-compulsory work uniform Laundry […]

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