Office Worker Tax-Saving Tips for 2021

The motor vehicle is generally deductible if you need to travel for work though unfortunately, home to office is not – not even for ATO employees. Work-related travel that you pay for to conferences, training or courses, etc. can also be claimed including accommodation and sometimes meals. Work-related clothing is deductible if you need to […]

2021 Tax Saving Tips for Bartenders

Work-related clothing is deductible if you need to purchase a company uniform or do your own laundry. Unfortunately, the black trousers and white shirt that your boss makes you wear is not – the ATO thinks you may want to wear that outside of work! We don’t make up the rules. Courses and education – […]

2021 Tax Saving Tips for Beauticians

We have listed down some example expenses that you may have incurred in your occupation for the year. Do note that these have to be incurred within the respective financial year and not the calendar year! Refer to the list below for deductions that you might be eligible for as a beautician: Work-related clothing expensesExamples […]

Tax Saving Tips 2021 for Hairdressers

We have listed down some examples of expenses that you have incurred as a hairdresser that might be claimed as Tax Deductions. Work-related clothing expensesIf you have to wear a uniform for work with the company logo, it can be deductible (if you paid for it yourself). You can claim laundry expenses for it as […]

2021 Tax saving tips for Personal Trainers

While you help your clients to improve physical health, we are here to help you with your financial health, through increasing potential refunds from the ATO. Thus, we have compiled a quick guide to let you know what deductions you can claim in your tax return. Work-related clothing expenses You can claim a tax deduction […]