Want To Pay Less Tax? Here’s Your Secret Guide.

Want To Pay Less Tax Here’s Your Secret Guide.

It’s never too late to start off with tax planning to save hundreds of dollars on taxes, especially when your business is in its growth phase. All established businesses know the value of investing in tax structure and preparation to optimise their tax position at the end of the financial year.

No matter you are an individual, sole trader, not-for-profit organisation, small business or multinational firm, always focus on saving dollars by claiming the right deductions and liabilities. Having a professional tax accountant Geelong by your side can ease your worries about filing and saving on tax time.

Since all of us want to pay less tax, here are some crucial tax planning aspects to focus on:

  • Savings

A business can receive back a substantial amount of tax savings by preparing an accurate and efficient tax report.

  • Deductions

Get the most out of your expense deductions by making sure what you can claim and what you cannot. An expert can help maximise your deductions.

  • Concessions

By applying for potential tax concessions at the Australian Taxation Office, take advantage of the concessions you can get.

  • Superannuation

By paying a small amount as a super fund deduction, maximise the tax effectiveness of your super contributions at the year-end.

  • Federal Budget

Stay aware of any government initiatives or tax schemes you can apply for and identify how you can benefit from Federal Budget.

  • Tax Consequences

Avoid unexpected tax consequences by ensuring any minimum loan repayment is made to avoid all potential penalties.

  • Tax Owed

Always track how much tax you need to pay and when it should be paid so that you won’t end up owing tax to the ATO.

  • Business Review

To make sure your business stays at the best tax position all the time with an asset protection guarantee, review your business structure.

For past more than 10 years, KPG Taxation has helped more than 200 corporations and individuals in empowering their tax preparation and getting the most out of their growth potential. Take advantage of our tax consultants and get ready to optimise your tax position.

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