Small Business Recovery Advisory Service Program Introduced

Business Victoria recently introduced a new program to provide support to any business owner/ operator experiencing hardship, recovering from disasters, and needing special assistance in East Gippsland, Wellington and North East Victoria under the Business Recovery Advisory Service.

Eligible business owners can book a free, one-on-one session with a registered business recovery adviser for guidance and assistance with business operations, recovery planning and resilience building strategies.

What’s The Program?

This program is formulated to help affected business owners and operators in reactivating their business and know how to craft sustainable business models to strengthen and grow through the recovery period and even after.

The adviser under Business Victoria will actively listen to your situation to find out what you need, how it could help and where you need to go for long-term success of your small business.

What’s Offered Under This Program?

Business recovery advisers provide personalised guidance on your unique situation and can help with:

  • Assessing how your business was impacted
  • Improving your cash flow and staff management
  • Developing an effective take home recovery plan
  • Refers to other agencies to access grants and funds

What To Expect?

The small business owners or operators in East Gippsland, Wellington, and North East Victoria can expect the following under the Business Recovery Advisory Service:

Initial Triage/ Concierge: This will help in facilitating the Business Recovery Advisory Support Services and ensure a rapid response for support, including assessing impacts, complexity of trauma and providing immediate advice to minimise risk or loss.

Business Recovery Planning: The advisers will be responsible for facilitating and delivering relief packages to affected businesses along with developing a plan to restore business operations with corrective actions to reduce risk.

Business Resilience Mentors: These mentors will provide business mentoring to locally operating businesses and develop a plan that strengthens the business with emphasis on prevention, risk mitigation, resilience and emergency management.

This program is now ongoing. To book a free session with a local Business Recovery Adviser, call the Business Victoria helpline or visit your local Business Recovery Hub.

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