Small Business Energy Saver Program By Business Victoria

Business Victoria is now supporting Victorian small businesses who are planning to upgrade to energy efficient equipment with the Small Business Energy Saver Program to reduce energy costs as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

If you are upgrading your commercial premise to more energy efficient equipment, the program provides small businesses with a significant discount. In some cases, the cost may cover up to 100% of the equipment and installation cost.

Ever since the program’s inception on 7 March 2021, Business Victoria has already helped around 3,000 businesses to save on energy equipment cost. The program is aimed at delivering up to $5 million in discounts to small businesses across Victoria.

Since the program covers up to 100% of equipment costs, the expenses from your pocket are going to minimise to a good extent. The team at Business Victoria will identify the equipment in your business that is costly to operate and recommend the best upgrades for you.

The exact amount you’ll need to pay depends on the type of energy upgrades done. On average, every eligible business will receive a discount of about $2000.

Eligibility Criteria For The Program

Small businesses must:

  • have 1 to 19 employees
  • have a commercial premise

This program is not available for primary producers in agriculture.

Closing Date: This program closes on 31 May 2022.

What Equipment Upgrades You Get?

Eligible businesses can save up to 85% of the full installation price of more efficient operating equipment. A team of registered accredited providers will help identify the eligible equipment in your business that needs to be upgraded. Some equipment upgrades covered under the program for a discount are:

  • Replacing inefficient electric hot water systems
  • Replacing inefficient gas hot water systems
  • Upgrading to efficient room reverse cycle air conditioners
  • Installing energy efficient refrigerator display cabinets
  • Installing energy efficient fridges and freezers

If you want to know more about the program, contact our small business advisors at KPG Taxation for assistance. We can help you access solar and other government rebates that can save you money.