Lodging Your Business Activity Statement, Keep These Tips In Mind!

The last date to lodge your quarterly Business Activity Statement (BAS) is due on 28 April. If you are planning to get your BAS lodgement, report GST, pay as you go (PAYG) instalment, or PAYG withholding tax with the ATO, there are several options you can try.

No matter, your BAS is nil, or you are not financially sound enough to pay it by the due date, you still need to lodge your BAS on time. There are several lodgement options you can try, including:

  • Lodge online
  • Lodge through your tax or BAS agent
  • Lodge by mail

Easy Tips To Help Complete Your BAS Lodgement

  1. For businesses that lodge quarterly BAS, the last date is 28 April 2022. To help you complete your BAS efficiently and error-free, here are some tips to follow:
  3. Consider lodging it online, which is a quick, easy and secure option. Also, you may be eligible to receive an extra two weeks to lodge and pay.
  5. Use online services to lodge by the Australian Taxation Office and you’ll get reminder messages as you complete your BAS. This will act as proof and helps in avoiding unnecessary errors.
  7. Even if your BAS is nil or you have nothing to report, still lodge your BAS and state it as ‘nil’. Nil BAS can also be lodged over the phone via an automated and 24/7 phone service.
  9. If you don’t need your GST registration number, get it cancelled right away. If GST is your only obligation, you’ll no longer receive a BAS.
  11. In case, your business is impacted by the recent floods in NSW or QLD and are finding it difficult to meet your tax obligations, discuss your support options with a registered tax or BAS agent.

So, these were some tips to keep in mind while completing and lodging your business activity statement. If you are looking for a professional tax accountant to help you with quarterly BAS lodgement, feel free to contact us at KPG Taxation.

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