How Many Work-Related Expenses Can You Claim On Tax In Australia?

How Many Work-Related Expenses Can You Claim On Tax In Australia

Are you worried about what expenses you can claim on tax in Australia? As tax season approaches, we all have to go through this dilemma. We all think about the extent of work-related expenses which we can claim legitimately on our tax returns. 

So we decided to share a blog on breaking down the essentials, making sure you’re well-informed about the work-related expenses you can legitimately claim on your Australian tax return. Let’s dive in!

What Are Work-Related Expenses?

Before moving any further, let’s clarify what qualifies as a work-related expense. 

These are expenses you incur while performing your job or business, and they must meet three key criteria:

  • They must be specifically connected to your line of work or business. 
  • They must have been your own expense. 
  • Your employer hasn’t given you a reimbursement.

Next, we look at some common work-related expenses that can potentially be claimed on your tax return:

Home Office Expenses

Many Australians are working from home, making certain home office expenses eligible for tax deductions. These expenses can include:

  • Phone and internet costs.
  • Office supplies like printer paper and ink, as well as stationery.
  • Home office equipment such as computers, phones, printers, furniture, and furnishings. You can claim the full cost if it’s under $300 or depreciate items over $300.

But you can’t claim:

  • General home expenses like mortgage interest, rent, and rates.
  • Costs of everyday household items like coffee, tea, and milk.

Also, make sure before claiming home office expenses, you consider factors such as the revised fixed rate method of 67% per hour, applicable from July 1, 2023. Check the ATO website for specific eligibility criteria and record-keeping requirements.

Vehicle And Travel Expenses

Now if you use your vehicle for work-related purposes, such as attending meetings, conferences, or visiting clients, you can claim such expenses as fuel, maintenance, and depreciation. 

Along with this, wherever your work requires you to attend multiple workplaces or locations. Also, the accommodation expenses when you travel for work can be claimed. Make sure you have a detailed record of your trips, such as dates, distances, and purpose of travel.

Uniform And Protective Clothing

If your job requires a specific uniform or protective clothing, the cost of purchasing, cleaning, or repairing them can be claimed. However, remember that plain clothes, even if you wear them to work, are generally not claimable.

Self-Education Expenses

It is great to invest in your abilities, and you can deduct the expense of self-education if it is related to your line of work or business. This covers tuition, books, and travel expenses for attending classes or seminars. 

Union And Professional Association Fees

Membership fees paid to a union or a professional association relevant to your occupation can be claimed. However, you cannot claim fees paid to a political party or an organization that is not related to your profession.

Home Office Running Expenses

Apart from the general home office expenses mentioned earlier, you can also claim running expenses like the decline in the value of office equipment, telephone and internet expenses, and the cost of heating, cooling, and lighting for your work area.

Gifts And Donations 

You can be qualified for a tax deduction if you give money or other property to a charity of your choice. It’s crucial to recognise that these deductions are subject to very particular rules. 

Typically, you can claim a deduction for any donation that exceeds $2, provided it was made to a ‘deductible gift recipient.’ The rules for claiming deductions for different types of gifts may vary.

Investment Income

You may also claim investment income tax deductions if you’ve received:

  • Dividends from your investments in shares
  • Rental payments from an investment property
  • Interest payments on your savings
  • Another type of investment income 


You can claim a variety of work-related expenses on your Australian tax return. But ensure you meet the ATO’s criteria and keep records. Suppose you require any assistance concerning work-related expense claims. In that case, you may consult KPG Taxation which has expert tax accountants in Australia who will advise you and offer you the right guidance to successfully get your claim and avoid any ATO enquiries.

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