Extension Of Minimum Drawdown Rule For Self-Funded Retirees Announced

In its announcement last month, the Australian Government extended the minimum drawdown rule for self-funded retirees, keeping in mind the budget session and election ahead. This move is going to benefit more than 1.8 million retirees who will receive up to a 50 per cent reduction in superannuation minimum drawdown rates for pension and retirement accounts.

Along with traders and business owners, self-funded retirees also make a valuable contribution to the economy by saving for their retirement period. This move is introduced as a plan for a stronger future where the Australian Government is extending the 50 per cent reduction in minimum drawdown requirements until 30 June 2023 for the financial year 2022-23.

The extension of the minimum drawdown rule will provide retirees with greater flexibility and certainty over savings and dictate the lowest amount a retiree can withdraw from their superannuation to qualify for tax concessions.

Under the reduced minimum drawdown rates, all self-funded retirees aged between 65-74 years must need to withdraw 2.5 per cent of their account balance each year to become eligible for tax-free status on their earnings.

Since the self-funded retirees were left behind by the government during the pandemic crisis, this rule is specifically formulated to provide support to the self-funded retirees throughout the recovery period (AAP). If the minimum withdrawal limit is not met, the superannuation payment is subject to tax. The rule was first announced in 2019-20 is now being extended to another second successive year.

With the election due in the country, the current government has promised to stabilise the tax increase on superannuation if re-elected. This means there would be no new taxes on superannuation and pensioners funds.

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