Claim Self Education Expenses in Tax Deductions

Claim Self Education Expenses in Tax Deductions

Are you confused about what you can and cannot claim as a self education expense? If your financial income meets the criteria set forth by the Australian Taxation Office, you may claim a number of self education expenses that you incur as tax deductible. These expenses are deductible when they are directly related to the individual’s current source of income.

If you are wondering what actually refers to self education costs, here’s a brief description to it. All costs associated with courses offered by a school, college, university, or other educational institution comes under it. Seminars and conferences are also accounted along with tuition, books, transport, and living costs in some cases.

Before claiming a self education expense, you should exactly know what you can claim or not. They are allowable as a tax deduction, if:

  • The self education and your current work activities were directly related with expense.
  • The study increases your income from your existing job or work activities.
  • The self education and work activities are related with expense in any other way.

What You Can Claim as Self Education Expense?

  • General Self Education Expenses
  • Interest on Borrow Monies
  • Education Related Travel Costs
  • Meals and Accommodation Costs
  • Overseas Educational Travel & Trips

A self-education expense is non-claimable, if:

  • The study was done in order to start a new business, get a new job, or make it easier to engage in new sources of revenue.

What You Cannot Claim as Self Education Expense?

  • Occupancy expenses like mortgage interest, rent, house insurance, and council rates
  • HECS-HELP payments
  • Financial Supplement Loan Repayments
  • Open Learning Agency of Australia basic charges


If you are in Australia and want to know whether your self education expenses are deductible or not, talk to a professional tax accountant. These expenses are classified as deductible keeping the taxpayer’s intentions or goals in mind.

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