4 Ways To Handle Financial Management & Reporting For Business

When it comes to deciding how fair is a business performing in terms of growth and profit, analysing the financial data and reports can do wonders. Financial data comprises accounting records, transaction reports, and business statements that provide a right overview of how a business is performing. To handle adequate financial management, a business needs to perform regular reporting for all records, transactions, budgets, forecasts, and assets.

  • Financial Reporting

Financial reporting with weekly bookkeeping must be carried out on a regular basis and is composed of statements that include:

  • Profit & Loss Statements
  • Balance Sheet Statement
  • Cash Flow Statement

As per the Australian Accounting Standards, companies are required to prepare these reports annually with detailed notes to accounts.

  • Management Reporting

Along with financial reporting, what must be monitored and reported is the actual performance of a business against its goals and objectives. To do so, a business can conduct:

  • Ratio analysis: to analyse profitability and liquidity
  • Tracking KPIs: to measure how effectively a business is achieving its objectives

By analysing the above tools, a business can manage its performance in regard to expectations and actual outcomes.

  • Forecasting

Forecasting is the process of predicting the future based on past and present reports. With forecasting, a business owner or manager can gain a better understanding of whether their business is heading on the right path to success or not.

The techniques applied in the process include:

  • Forecasting based on history or past outcomes
  • Forecasting based on market conditions or assumptions

It assists in understanding how a business is performing and its current financial position in the market in terms of financial growth.

  • Budgeting

A budget is actually a benchmark that provides a report that can be compared with the actual performance of a business. In some terms, it can be compared with a forecast and expressed in dollars or other measurable units.

With a budget report in hand, a business manager can identify if corrective action is needed or not.

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