2021 Tax Saving Tips for Bartenders

Work-related clothing is deductible if you need to purchase a company uniform or do your own laundry. Unfortunately, the black trousers and white shirt that your boss makes you wear is not – the ATO thinks you may want to wear that outside of work! We don’t make up the rules.

Courses and education – even if you are not a trainee you are still entitled to claim any self-education expenses you incur for your job including RSA.

Tools of the trade are deductible though; purchase of alcohol still hasn’t made it to that list!

Donations – You have helped people all year round, this is when it will help you! Donations to a DGR are tax-deductible. It pays back to help others.

Accounting fees – So, why do it yourself when your accounting fees are tax-deductible, and don’t forget you can even claim the travel to see us!

Also, don’t forget Private Health Insurance and Income Protection (Yes you can get insurance to protect your income!)